Save $30 on DNA tests at ENDS TUESDAY

Over 4 million people who are interested in their family history have tested with Ancestry DNA, so it's not surprising that I got over 6000 matches when my results came through a month ago (it's nearly 7000 now) - and as you'll know from my newsletter articles I'm well on the way to knocking down some of my oldest 'brick walls'.


Of course, DNA testing isn't an 'easy' answer. Sure, all you have to do is spit in a cup and pay the money, but that's only the start of the process - it's when we combine conventional research with the DNA findings, primarily the cousin matches, that we're able to make deductions and fill in some of the gaps in the paper records.


This year Ancestry have a Canada Day offer for Canadian residents: until Tuesday July 4th you can save $30 on DNA tests purchased from - and you can also support LostCousins when you use the following link to take up the offer:


Ancestry DNA (Canada)


Note: some people who have bought Ancestry DNA tests in the past have been offered half-price Ancestry subscriptions after purchasing the test - and already one member has told me that he received a similar offer when using the link above to buy his DNA test. Unfortunately if you already have a subscription - as he did - you won't be able to take up the offer.


For more information about DNA testing see my DNA Special Newsletter.


Free subscriptions for new Canadian members of LostCousins ENDS JULY 10

There are over 5,000 LostCousins members who live in Canada (and thousands more who have Canadian relatives, including me), but it's not very many for a country with a population of over 35 million. So far only 55,000 of the more than 4 million Canadians recorded on the 1881 Census have been claimed!


So to encourage more family historians to join I'm offering 6 MONTHS FREE to new members in Canada who have ancestors recorded on the 1881 Canada census or any of the other censuses we use at LostCousins. To take advantage of this offer the new member should enter the code CANADADAY in the offer codes box at the bottom of the registration page. This offer is not open to existing members, but I do have a complementary offer for them - see below.


For the benefit of potential new members reading this page the address of the LostCousins website is:


(You can also get to the website by clicking the logo at the top of this page)


There's no catch - you won't be asked to provide credit card or bank details, and after your 6 months is up you'll still have access to all the information you've entered, and all the connections you have made with cousins around the world. Of course, you'll receive an invitation to renew your subscription, but you will be under absolutely no obligation to do so. Most people who buy a LostCousins subscription do so because they want to support the LostCousins project, and help LostCousins stay independent.


Half-price subscriptions for existing members who live in Canada ENDS JULY 10

If you're already a LostCousins member you won't be able to take advantage of the offer for new members, but I have an equally good offer for you. When you enter the code HALFPRICECANADA on the Subscribe (or Renew Subscription) page you'll be able to buy a 12 month subscription for half-price, which means that you too will be getting 6 months free. You can do this even if you have an existing subscription, just so long as it doesn't have more than a year to run.


This offer is to thank you for telling potential new members about the LostCousins site - which you can do using your My Referrals page or by posting on blogs or forums. Remember to tell them about the 6 months free and give them the code (or else provide a link to this page).



Final reminder: Save on World subscriptions to Findmypast ENDS SUNDAY

A reminder that the 10% saving on 12 month World subscriptions to Findmypast ends at midnight (London time) on Sunday July 2. There is no Findmypast site in Canada so I recommend you subscribe to the Australian site, since at current exchange rates this will offer you further savings compared to either the UK site or the US site:


You can use your World subscription at ANY of Findmypast's sites around the world - you won't be limited to using the Australian site.


For more details of the offer and other family history news check out the most recent LostCousins newsletter, which you'll find here.


Any more Canada Day offers?

If I hear of any more offers I'll add them here, as Canada Day will be long gone by the time my next regular newsletter is issued.



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