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A fantastic show - once again

As ever Who Do You Think You Are? Live has not only attracted a lot of exhibitors but many thousands of visitors from all over the world. It was great to meet so many LostCousins members - some of whom had come all the way from Australia and New Zealand to be at the show.



Ancestry is FREE this weekend! are the main sponsors of Who Do You Think You Are? Live and to celebrate they are offering FREE access to their UK & Ireland record collection including censuses, parish registers, workhouse records, military records and much, much more.


Click here to find out more details, or here to see an alphabetical list of the records in the collection. You don't need an offer code or a password, and I'm told you won't even need to provide your credit card details - but you must click on the link or the advert above.


The offer runs from 0.01(London time) on Saturday 22nd February to 23.59 on Sunday 23rd February - please bear in mind that if you're in a different timezone the start and end times will be different.


Note: I'm writing this special newsletter before the offer begins - if there are any updates I'll post them here, so should you run into any unexpected problems please check this page first.


LostCousins is also FREE this weekend!

Ancestry's generous offer means that it's a great time to add some more entries to your My Ancestors page - and find some 'lost cousins'.


As you probably know, it's the people you enter from the 1881 England & Wales Census (which is always free) who are most likely to link you to your cousins, but to research your collateral lines (the branches of your tree) properly requires access to all of the censuses. What I generally do is start in 1841 and trace each relative I can find through the 1851, 1861, and 1871 censuses so that I can enter them, their children, and their grandchildren who were recorded on the 1881 Census.


This 'sideways' research is absolutely crucial if you want to find other people who are researching your ancestors - because your cousins' ancestral lines branched off the trunk of your ancestral tree some number generations ago:


1st cousins share your ancestors from TWO generations ago (your grandparents)

2nd cousins share your ancestors from THREE generations ago (your great-grandparents)

3rd cousins share your ancestors from FOUR generations ago (your great-great-grandparents)

4th cousins share your ancestors from FIVE generations ago (your great-great-great-grandparents) and so on.....

The most useful contacts I've found in the time I've been researching have been 3rd and 4th cousins - they're close enough that we have a lot of ancestors in common, but sufficiently distant that our families lost contact a long time ago. And that means that when we find each other there's an awful lot of catching up to do!


This weekend LostCousins will be completely FREE on Saturday and Sunday, but also - so that you have time to enter the data you've found over the weekend - Monday and Tuesday.


This means you can contact the new cousins you find without paying a subscription, and it's also a great time to contact anyone who's already shown in the 'New contacts' section of your My Cousins page (so why not log-in now and check to see if there's anyone waiting?).


Here are the photos....

Sorry for the delay - here are the photos I took on Saturday, the last day of the Show (note: the slideshow may not work with old versions of Internet Explorer)


  • Famous software author
  • Attractive visitor
  • Geoff Swinfield - genealogist
  • Ian - British Newspaper Archive
  • Findmypast's stand
  • John Hanson - famous speaker
  • Brian Donovan - Eneclann
  • Ancestry
  • Ye Olde Sweet Shop
  • WDYTYA mag
  • Busy in the SoG area
  • S1090032
  • S1090033
  • S1090035
  • S1090036
  • Signing
  • Anglo-Italian FHS
  • Wiltshire FHS
  • West Surrey FHS
  • East of London FHS
  • Family Legacy Cards
  • All the way from Sbneria....
  • Wales
  • Welsh lady?
  • The Met Police
  • My relative's gravestone
  • Ron & Carol of Genealogy Printers
  • Ian Hartas of UKBMD
  • Wow!
  • Ancestry from above
  • WDYTYA mag from above
  • Imperial War Museum
  • findmypast
  • Ancestry
  • Genes Reunited
  • One way of doing it....
  • National Archives
  • Essex SFH
  • Society of Genealogists
  • FamilySearch
  • FamilySearch
  • London Family History Centre
  • S1090101
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How about YOU coming along next year?


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