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25 Jan 2013


Offers expiring in the next few days

Ireland DOUBLES certificate prices

Storing information as DNA

Divorce records online at Ancestry

Findmypast add Irish BMD indexes

Book review: Birth, Marriage & Death Records

How to complete a census form

Top South African site to close

English wills from US sources?

Scottish cemetery inscriptions

Your cousins are dying to hear from you

Birthday Book - the final clues

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12 January 2013


Child migration scandal on film

Ancestry add passenger lists 1890-1960

Tube is 150 years old

Are you sitting comfortably?

New online resources for 2013

Have you claimed your free credits?

Last chance to get a free upgrade

Do you believe what's in the newspapers?

Birthday Book - the final chapter

Genealogists for Families

Local BMD records offer more

GRO indexes after 2005

Tracking down WW1 soldiers

Technology has its uses

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1st January 2013


New Year resolutions for family historians

Good news - findmypast offer extended

Free credits offer also extended

Three days left to save at Family Tree DNA

Birthday Book mystery deepens

Who was Mary Ann Thompson?

Was Queen Victoria a good mother?

Earl of Essex's legacy lives on

Preserving your family's history

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25th December 2012


A present for EVERY reader

Remember to claim your free LostCousins subscription

Finding a Box of Family Letters

Christmas Challenge

Co-habiting couples conundrum

Woman to marry twin sister's murderer

Register of Services

Scottish site offers scanned images

High speed scanner - a book a minute!

A Christmas Carol?

Northern Ireland BMD prices rise

Essex completes online register collection

Last chance to save on DNA tests

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19 December 2012


Findmypast Christmas offer

Find a cousin for Christmas!

We all have hundreds of DNA flaws

Pre-1837 birth certificates

Radio Times from 1923-2009 digitised

London bomb map goes online

Wartime posters

World War 2 Christmas cards delivered after 70 years

Deeds Registries

Somerset parish records

Ancestry launch US newspaper site

More army pension records online

Choosing a World subscription

Kate's family tree controversy

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28 November 2012


Warwickshire Quarter Sessions Records online

Masterclass: follow-up

Make the most of the IGI

Shirley it's a mistake?

Life and death of a servant girl

Newspaper issues resolved

Book review: Welsh Genealogy

Irish Army Census of 1922

British Columbia BMDs online

Ancestry's new Privacy Policy

Stairway to Heaven?

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18 November 2012


World War 1 records saved

Did findmypast jump the gun?

'Dead' man celebrates 106th birthday

MASTERCLASS: Tracking down pre-1837 baptisms and marriage

How to be accurate - and why it matters!

Last chance to search 1911 free

Ireland - National Archives launches new website

Scottish wills from 1902-25 now online

Adoption in England & Wales before 1927

Non-Anglican religious marriages

Birmingham electoral rolls online

Birmingham parish registers offline

Essex Record Office expands online register collection

National Archives to open up Community

Last chance to save on Who Do You Think You Are? tickets

How to find your British ancestors in the newspapers

Searching Australian newspapers

Did your migrant ancestors change their name?

Write about your sporting relative and win a prize!

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5 November 2012


Fireworks at the General Register Office?

World War One records free at

Confusion over World subscriptions

Kent records at FamilySearch - but are they available?

Project traces the lives of Tasmanian convicts

The last woman hanged in Edinburgh

School records to be digitised?

20th century school records

Dad's Army records for Durham online

Members sought for TNA Advisory Group

What constitutes proof?

Unreliable information

Modern British Childhood exhibition

Family traits part 3

Find your ancestors using Google

Beware the whingers

Competition results

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25 October 2012


Ancestry sell out (again)

Findmypast offer World subscription at UK site

Search the 1911 Census free

Family traits - follow up

Do you have traces of other peoples' DNA in your body?

Taking a DNA test

British Newspaper Archive heading for findmypast?

Marriage myths debunked in new book

Should young lovers be Frank and Earnest...

When time of birth appears on the certificate

Open Sesame!

Adoption records

56 million new Australian & New Zealand records online

Jefferson Tayte will be back in December!

What's new at FamilySearch?

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2 October 2012


Save $$$s on an Ancestry subscription

Nearly 6 million newspaper pages online

Life on the edge

Find your DNA partners NEW FEATURE

Who should I be looking for?

When the paper-trail runs out....

It's not all good news

Would you want a jailbird in your tree?

Choosing a testing company

Inheriting family traits

Findmypast adds 175,000 Middlesex records

Ancestry lets schedule numbers slip

Should you believe what you read on the Internet?

2012 Jam Competition

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22 September 2012


DNA - what's it all about?

How DNA is inherited

How can a Y-DNA test help?

What will an mtDNA test tell you?

Are autosomal DNA tests the future?

Reconstructing the DNA of your ancestors

Genes for face shape identified

DNA may identify remains of King Richard III

Could a child have THREE parents?

MPs warn about scrapping census

Volunteers to share BMD data - watch out GRO!

National Archives - website changes

Blast from the past

Steve Robinson interview  EXCLUSIVE

Genes Reunited offer 15% discount

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9 September 2012


GRO responds to Freedom of Information request

A new strategy for the GRO

Meanwhile in Ireland....

Would you believe it?

More errors on marriage certificates

Errors on marriage certificates - an insider's view

Corrections in the marriage register

Parish registers - the inside story

Ancestry expand Dorset collection and start work on Surrey to offer worldwide subscription?

Removing living people from your family tree

Time to research your Scotch ancestry?

Message in bottle sets world record

Lloyd's Captains Registers

Brick wall #3: Mary Pike (continued)

A Boy named Sue (continued)

Hampshire Open Day is free

Dad's Army records may stay closed

Where will it end?

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24 August 2012


LostCousins is TOTALLY free over the holiday weekend

1911 Census free at Ancestry

GRO vs local registrars

Errors on marriage certificates (continued)

A Boy Named Sue?

Is the answer staring you in the face?

Brick wall #3: Mary Pike

Brick wall #4: Peter Lawden

Are you up against a 'brick wall' of your own?

Find your US cousins now!

British Library electoral registers delayed to 2013

Pinpointing parishes in 1851

The oldest family on the planet

Using case studies and challenges to train others

How to get in touch

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11 August 2012


LostCousins honours gold medallists

TNA to charge 80 per hour for research

GRO shelve digitisation project

Errors on marriage certificates: follow-up

Breaking through the 'brick walls'

Techniques for breaking down 'brick walls'

Brick wall #1: William Fletcher

Brick wall #2: Adolphus Carpenter

Genes Reunited tree problems

Ancestry's Lancashire registers disappoint launches with early-bird discount

Ancestry offer free access to the complete 1940 Census

Members still saving $$$ at Ancestry

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27 July 2012


My cousin held the Olympic flag!

Findmypast offer

GRO article strikes chord

Even more Scottish directories online

Ancestry release Lancashire registers

More Probate Office trouble

Did you sign up as an organ donor?

Fathers on marriage certificates

Applying quantum theory to family history

Genes Reunited tree changes prove controversial

The elusive Gifford Few

Do you have a challenge for LostCousins members?


14 July 2012


Canterbury Cathedral Archives now online

Ancestry updates Jewish burial index

Lancashire registers imminent?

New FamilySearch worth a closer look

Plastic surgery for victims of the Great War

Welsh photographs online

Scottish directory collection exceeds target

Northern Ireland BMD registers to go online

GRO certificate sales fall again

Twins born in different countries!

Save 10% on ALL subscriptions

Did you try my 'brick wall' challenge?

How to knock down a 'brick wall'

Another challenge to solve

Will your newsletters stop arriving?

"Digging Up Your Roots" in 2013

Probate office fiasco

Is there such a thing as a free will?

How you can save lives

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29 June 2012


Old FamilySearch - gone for good?

Canadian records free until Monday at Ancestry

Canada 1881 census - free at FamilySearch

Celebrate Canada Day at LostCousins

Independence Week for US cousins

Another chance to knock down a Long brick wall

Millions more Welsh records at findmypast

British Telecom archives will be free online

50,000 graves in path of new rail line

How Booth's map has changed

Foundlings: from the 18th to the 21st century

World War 2 service records affected by delays

BMD certificates - petition fiasco

Would you allow your family tree to be sold?

Vicki saves $230 on Ancestry subscription!

You're never too old

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16 June 2012


Breaking down 'brick walls'

CHALLENGE: can you break down this 'brick wall'?

Index to newsletters from 2009-2010

WW1 and WW2 PoW records go online

Occupations in the censuses

Save real money on your Ancestry subscription

Facebook to release personal details

Will Ancestry be bought by Facebook?

How to switch back to the 'old' Ancestry search

FamilySearch begins to close down its old site

Yes! You can still use the old FamilySearch site

Are older people really more resistant to change?

English sisters are the world's oldest siblings

Online information at the National Archives

We are all world experts!

Findmypast adds 'My saved records'

Do your cousins a favour

Maximise the usefulness of your My Cousins page

The Princess letters

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1 June 2012


Did your relative work in the Royal Household?

National Archives reprise Victoria's jubilees

Queen Victoria's journals go online

The challenges and benefits of longevity

Why you should organise your research

It's never too late.... or is it?

Who is your cousin?

Using the Historical Research category

Ancestry extends probate coverage to 1966

Genes Reunited upgrades search

Plymouth & West Devon records finally online

Essex registers delayed

Ancestry Library Edition

Would you like a reminder?

Genealogists for Families hits milestone

London is the 6th most populous French city

Dickens exhibition ends June 10th

DNA analysis may reveal yeti secrets

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18 May 2012


Who Do You Think You Are? cancelled in US


Belfast cemetery records online

Old FamilySearch

Introducing the new look findmypast

Smart census searches

Searching by occupation

Scotland: good news and bad news

Ancestry vs findmypast

Reminder: exclusive offer ENDS MONDAY

How humans got to be so brainy - the answer's in your DNA

Is this a coincidence?

Marry in haste, repent at leisure

Make it easy for your cousins to reply

What's in a name?

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5 May 2012


Save on findmypast subscriptions

Is the cost of your hobby going up?

Ancestry terms & conditions revised

FamilySearch - old site on the way out?

Dorset crew lists online at Ancestry

Massive DNA project offers hopes for better health

When is a nephew not a nephew?

Remembering my 'uncle'

The results your cousins deserve

British woman registers 161 word name!

Irish births, marriages, and deaths

GRO obstinacy holds back research

Unnamed birth registrations - follow up

What is a 'nurse child'?

An unusual cause of death?

Missing wills discovered in boxes

Naturalisations - follow up

Documentaries of the 1940s go online

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16 April 2012


End of the line for Birmingham graveyard?

Voices of Titanic survivors

Naturalisation records at the National Archives

They shall remain nameless

Finding children who died as infants

Analysing baptism register entries

OAP mothers on the way?

DNA - taking the plunge!

Browsing parish registers at findmypast

Will you live longer if you make a will?

Forged wills in the 1840s

How to avoid your cousins

Ancestry adds Surrey marriages

Findmypast adds more parish records

More census anomalies

Whingeing poms?

Overseas members make big Ancestry savings

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6 April 2012


Ancestry offer free access to US records

Westminster records fill London gap

Scotlandspeople adds 1915 Valuation

Summer was dangerous in Tudor times

New maritime BMD records at findmypast

Titanic myths

The Great Lafayette

Are you researching your spouse's ancestors?

Beware of scams

BMD certificates - the saga continues

Half of my ancestors were women

Oral History Society offers introductory course

Double-counting in the census

Army record delays

Where are the Canterbury Cathedral records?

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17 March 2012


Success! GRO holds BMD certificate prices

Last chance to save on findmypast subscriptions

Use the right button to speed up your online research

The rarest search in the world

Are official records ever wrong?

St Patrick's Day savings

"A Lion Tamer in the Family"

The possibilities of DNA

Were single mothers better off in the 19th Century?

Findmypast heads for Westminster

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6 March 2012


How to win the lottery

LostCousins members win 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes!

Welsh parish records arrive at findmypast

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: All findmypast subscriptions under 99

Finding births and marriages in the death indexes

Searching for US deaths

Ancestry add London school records

Why I took up genealogy a reader writes

Using DNA to knock down 'brick walls'

Who was Carl Marx?

Titanic errors

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26 February 2012


LostCousins members scoop top prizes!

Irish court records now online

More merchant seamen records at findmypast

Bill saves $250 on his Ancestry subscription!

Old FamilySearch link bounces back

Hertfordshire registers to be digitised

Pictures from an exhibition

Doing things the old way....

The simple way to check or update an entry

Titanic stories

Interviewing older relatives - useful guidelines

Wearable camera jogs failing memories

How to get the most from this newsletter

Finding the answers through DNA

Can you succeed where MI5 failed?

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12 February 2012


How to save $$$ on an Ancestry subscription

Ancestry reach 1.7 million subscribers!

Brightsolid opens up in the US

Save 10% on ALL Genes Reunited subscriptions

A Titanic discovery

Knocking down more 'brick walls'

Don't believe everything you read on the Internet

Story competition - results due soon

Advertising Standards Authority bans certificate scams

Did you spot the fake website?

What should you do if you're contacted by an heir hunter?

How to find the OLD FamilySearch site

Thank goodness for transcription errors!

Do the dead outnumber the living?

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29 January 2012


MASTERCLASS: finding birth certificates

1911 abduction fears exaggerated

Census hoax email prompts ONS warning

Could you spot a fake heir hunter?

Your life in their hands

British Newspaper Archive proves too popular!

Electoral Rolls disappoint

Using the Address Search at findmypast

"On the Street Where You Live"

More clues from newspapers

Do you have ancestors from Kent?

When was your grandfather born?

Don't leave it too late!

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15 January 2012


The future of certificates

Memo to the Registrar General

Have you been approached by an 'Heir Hunter'?

FamilySearch add index to Norfolk registers

East Anglian Film Archive

London electoral rolls at Ancestry

Genes Reunited offers new route to newspaper archive

Did you miss out on a free subscription?

Getting more information from the 1911 Census

Still celebrating New Year's Eve on 13 January!

Save on printed family trees

BBC radio programme solves mystery for member

A right Royal round-robin

Predictions come true a century later

Do you have Viking DNA?

Family Tree Maker warning


2 January 2012


LostCousins member honoured by the Queen

Good news! Christmas offer extended

EXCLUSIVE findmypast discount

What's coming to Ancestry & findmypast in 2012?

When Christmas was cancelled

Putting a face to your 'lost cousins'

Is your online information a security risk?

Wedding ring found on carrot

Don't overpay for certificates!

When is a 25% discount not a bargain?

Free searches of the US 1940 census are promised

Which subscription site is the best?

How long does it take to find a 'lost cousin'?

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