25 December 2011

Christmas Bonus!

The Queen's Speech - now on Kindle!

How accurate is the census?

Missing from the census?

How to search the census by birthplace

Last 1911 Census secrets to be exposed

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: All findmypast subscriptions under £99

GRO redundancies shock

Alternatives to BMD certificates

How to find MORE cousins

The gift that keeps on giving

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13 December 2011

BMD certificate prices fiasco

Topsy-turvy logic at the General Register Office

Why does it matter?

Ancestry pass halfway point of 1911 census

Findmypast adds 1861 Scotland census

Welcome to Society of Genealogists members

Adopt a grave?

Saluting the soldiers of the Great War

Lateral thinking leads to missing birth registration

Locating London's Past maps free data

Poll books now online at the SoG

Last chance to save on SoG membership

Is happiness in your DNA?

$10m prize seeks clue to longevity

The history of postcards

Jam competition results

FFHS competition ends soon

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19 November 2011

Should there be a LostCousins forum?

FamilySearch admit records are missing

ACT NOW - offers end Monday 21st!

All findmypast subscriptions under £99

Historic films free at British Pathé site

British Library newspapers in beta test

Plymouth & West Devon records close to launch?

Temporary closure of archives

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Another coincidence

Patently better

GRO update reveals little

Do you recognise any of these soldiers?

Key family history sites affected by bereavement

PayPal problems solved

Save 20% on old photos from the Francis Frith Collection

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10 November 2011

FREE Great War records at Ancestry.co.uk

Badges of Honour

FREE Canadian military records at Ancestry.ca

Military records at findmypast

Lowest ever subscriptions at findmypast

They really were free!

GRO certificate prices under scrutiny?

Vandals at it again

PayPal problem

Cousins and in-laws (continued)

It's official! Cheshire records at findmypast

The 'lost cousins' under your nose

Family Historian v5 announced

Genealogists for Families

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04 November 2011

More ink, vicar?

Save when you join the Society of Genealogists

Exclusive findmypast.co.uk discount

Essex parish records at FamilySearch

Records of military nurses now online

Was your ancestor an inventor?

Copyright - or copy wrong?

Standards for sharing information

Top genealogy shows in 2012

When is a father-in-law not a father-in-law?

Ripper story features in TV show

Can you really buy a NEW Kindle for only £79?

Don't forget FamilySearch!

International Genealogical Index

IGI Batch Numbers

An ideal Christmas present?

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22 October 2011

3.5 million Irish prison records online

Warwickshire parish registers online

Cheshire registers coming soon?

Beyond 2011 - the future of the census

Marriage Finder tool

35 million parish records at Genes Reunited

Canadian Home Children

Do you have two birthdays?

Coming of age in Samoa

Life expectancy (continued)

GRO indexes no longer at LMA

Controversy over online trees

Privacy and Data Protection

How safe are online trees?

Is there such a thing as a half-cousin?

Anne shows the way forward

More Ripper coincidences

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08 October 2011

Another cemetery scandal

Ancestry.co.uk offer free searches

Irish Genealogy adds more free records

First Scottish censuses at findmypast

The importance of collateral lines

Tracing collateral lines

Volunteers sought by the National Archives

Do you have German ancestors?

Pauper Lives in Georgian London

Free lectures on London history

Berkshire parish records online

Life expectancy in earlier centuries

Australian Navy Lists

Historical connections

Looking for help?

A cautionary tale

Talk about coincidences!

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24 September 2011

Last chance to take advantage of exclusive offers

Ancestry charge for access to free Irish records!

Manchester records now at findmypast

Scottish censuses coming soon?

Be careful what you bookmark

Genes Reunited offering 10% discount

Your cousins need YOU!

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

Your chance to tell the GRO what you really think

Who do they think they are?

Closed railway stations

Ripping yarns

Calculating relationships

Is baldness inherited?

Are we still benefiting from post-war rationing?

Finding cousins using Google

Where there's a will...

Upcoming events at the Society of Genealogists

Organising your research

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09 September 2011

EXTRA savings at findmypast EXCLUSIVE

Are e-petitions the answer?

Where did they marry (continued)?

Cemetery scandal - shocking photos

Deceased Online offers double credits EXCLUSIVE

Court records to be digitised

Merchant Navy records online now!

More crew lists online

Find your railway ancestors

Free searches at Ancestry

Take control of your searches

Check before you visit!

The ups and downs of DNA

Why do we get happier as we get older?

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27 August 2011


New-look findmypast cuts subs

Apprenticeship records

Free access to immigration records

Cemetery scandal - time for change?

Reclaiming your ancestors' graves

Burial records online

Australian military records

Convict records free online

Presumed dead?

Family history courses

How to save at GenesReunited

Do you have Scottish ancestors?

Essex Ancestors - launch delayed

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16 August 2011

Cemetery scandal in east London

Essex Record Office to launch subscription service

Where did they marry?

TV companies seek help

WDYTYA continues to work its magic

Help us find new members

The future of the census?

74 years of marriage - and counting!

National Archives lose priceless documents

Have you discovered the BBC online archive?

The Genealogist adds Australian records

Transportation of convicts

'Digital Microfilm' from TNA

Wills and probate

Are twins good for you?

LostCousins is free until the end of August

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28 July 2011

FamilySearch adds more parish records

More Hearth Tax records free online

War Graves Photographic Project

County archives online

Access to Archives (A2A)

Are you fooling around?

Make the most of libraries

Post Office employment records

If at first you don't succeed...

Free 1911 census searches

Last chance to save 15%

Do you mind paying for free information?

Bow match workers strike

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15 July 2011

National Archives Summer Sale

Exclusive findmypast discount

Searching the census by address

More 1911 tips

Celebrating the Census

Households on the same census page

Parish registers and directories

Register surprise

The War Graves Photographic Project

Sandhurst records online

1861 Worldwide Army Index

New! Your personal home page

A tale of two cousins

Jam tomorrow?

Seeing red over Orange

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03 July 2011

Ancestry add West Yorkshire registers

Militia records at findmypast

Dad's Army records to go online?

National Archives User Advisory Group

Black Sheep Index updated

Tracing Your East End Ancestors

The Genealogist

Distant cousins

Anne takes her tree back to 1521

Unusual census entries - update

Limited free access to the 1911 Census

Still tracing relatives after 1911

Are you receiving my emails?

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19 June 2011

Childhood memories

Wills and probate records

New death index search pays dividends

Medals for 90 year-old woman

Family history on the Kindle

Competition entries flooding in

Unusual census entries

Wrong name on the census?

Dorset records - update

Identifying relatives in photos (continued)

Dutch records free online

Findmypast gets TV series

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Fancy a Twitter?

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06 June 2011

1911 Census takes second place

Who is the most interesting person in your family tree?

Lincolnshire registers online

Ancestry launch Dorset records

How to complain

FamilyRelatives and the Advertising Standards Authority

Cheap Ancestry subscriptions

London Probate Index at findmypast

South African records online

New Zealand census - new date set

Searching for family history using Google

FamilySearch reinstates batch numbers

County boundaries in the census

Tracing relatives after 1911

Identifying relatives in photographs

Solved- after 49 years!

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21 May 2011

Problem solved!

The most comprehensive death indexes

Masterclass: Extending your tree beyond 1911

Researching children in family history

Nick is the new president!

How accurate was the 2011 Census?

Canadian census disclosure option

The mystery of the missing will

My first experience of spam

Low key launch for new Irish site

Tracing 'Ag Labs'

Hearth Tax returns online

Posting family trees on the Internet

The personal touch

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29 April 2011

Why is it called My Ancestors?

Fully transcribed death indexes at findmypast

Save 15% on findmypast subscriptions!

Blank census forms

New Zealand census cancelled

Can we look forward to loyalty card censuses?

Leaving a digital legacy

Liverpool parish registers online

No Wills?

Middleton register entries

Family tree programs

Dick Whittington and his library

Research before parish registers

Correcting transcription errors

Did your ancestor run a pub?

Peter's Tips

16 April 2011

Totally free access for Easter

Scotland 1911 launches

New free site connects British records

Are there any black sheep in your family?

The real Eliza Doolittle - a LostCousins exclusive

Changing your name by Deed Poll

Interesting radio and TV programmes

Are you related to the future Queen?

Forgotten Voices

Local history recorders

County name indexes

Over 1 million Cambridgeshire records online

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02 April 2011

Thank you

Would you write your own obituary?

DNA sequencing cost tumbles

British Library holds census exhibition

Newspapers online

Overseas births and marriages fully indexed

Membership reaches 85,000

Information and misinformation

New BBC series not to be sniffed at

Do you remember Pathé News?

Adding sound to cine footage

Identifying family photographs

Hampshire parish registers

Unclaimed court funds

How you can help your cousins

Peter's tips

21 March 2011

Tracing Your Roots census special

Preserving the 2011 Census

Behind the scenes at the census

Changes at the National Archives

Cheap or free access to Ancestry

Can you save on a findmypast subscription?

Free credits for Scotlandspeople

Scotland 1911 release is imminent!

Strange but true

New FamilySearch

The rise and fall of Private Butwell

World War 1 identity cards

Australian military records free online

Someone stole Rachel's family tree

House History

GRO or UKBMD - which is best?

Life after death

Obituary - Dennis Howard Calver

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03 March 2011

Searching for Miss Wright

Photograph your heirlooms

Weddings since 1840 - a photo archive

Great War photo hoard discovered

Get ready for the 2011 Census

But is it enough information?

FamilySearch want your opinion

Findmypast to offer historic electoral rolls

New opportunities on the horizon

Looking for people with the same surname?

A rose by any other name…

Choosing between Ancestry and findmypast (continued)

How to save on an Ancestry subscription

How not to save on certificates

Findmypast discount offer ends on Sunday

Ireland censuses and parish records

Childhood memories

What am I reading?

London maps online

Society of Genealogists Open Day

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19 February 2011

Stash in the attic

Wildcards - the key to successful searches

Save 15% on findmypast subscriptions

Choosing between Ancestry and findmypast

I came, I saw, I googled

The poor of London

Essex libraries offer answers

How will cutbacks affect researchers?

Free parking at the National Archives

Have you kept your New Year resolutions?

Who will take over your research?

Remember the living

Are your cousins struggling to find you?

Memories of wartime Britain

Forest fire quenched

A frog in the throat

Using the 'Historical Research' category

Peter's tips

05 February 2011

New problems with Ancestry's search?

FreeBMD vs Ancestry

Over 11 million new records at findmypast

Can you be your own cousin?

Can't see the wood for the trees?

Green wood

Hearth Tax Online

Are you reading this by candle light?

Internet Explorer: new security flaw uncovered

Understanding Copyright & the Data Protection Act

Scottish directories free online

Corrections and updates

Errors on certificates (continued)

The 1953 floods

Peter's tips

Have you tried.....

23 January 2011

The price of leaving it too late

One member's viewpoint

Serial killer's DNA sought

30-year embargo cut to 20 years

Do you have Scottish ancestry?

Free information from the Electoral Roll

Getting the most from FreeBMD

Family history is good for you!

International Reply Coupons to expire

How to send money overseas

Facebook security scare

Is findmypast's loss your gain?

Me and Robbie Burns

How reliable are certificates?

Is it legal to photocopy certificates?

We're number 2 so we try harder!

Peter's Tips

08 January 2011

How to get free BMD information

Is FreeBMD getting it right?

Remembering Traceline

Using the Electoral Roll

Masterclass: finding birth certificates

Multiple births in the 19th century

Will you live to 1000?

Census jobs - in New Zealand

Findmypast takes over SoG online collection

Record delays for probate documents

Make contact with your cousins whilst you have the chance

Soldier's nephew traced after 95 years

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